Container Service The container – in the world of logistics, a multi-purpose item that sets the standard.

Safety, flexibility and economy -- the container combines these three basic logistics virtues. This makes it the ideal unit for the transport and storage of goods, of all kinds and quantities.

As a universally applicable, standardised transport container, it is indispensable not only for waterway and sea transport but also for road- and rail transport. Due to its practical manageability and high handling speed, it is particularly suitable as the ideal transport unit in combined transport.

But also in terms of storage, the “universal container” is by far the most cost-effective option. On the one hand, it saves a lot of space due to its stackability, and on the other hand, it is itself already a full-fledged storage space.

Upon request, we will be happy to provide you with our own DCH containers for storing your products.

The advantages of containers in intermodal transport at a glance: 

  • High transhipment speed to the various modes of transport
  • Transport capacity for very large quantities
  • Grouping of different unit loads into bulk goods
  • Efficient handling thanks to standardised dimensions
  • Optimal use of floor space thanks to stackability
  • Precise calculation of space requirements
  • Intelligent use as buffer storage in port facilities and during ship- and rail transport
  • Easy identification due to standardised labelling according to ISO standard
  • Resource-saving use through the best possible combination of environmentally-friendly modes of transport